Top 10 Party Essentials by White Teak

Whatever the occasion, we’ve got you covered on the style front. Multiply your party style quotient with these party essentials by White Teak!

Party Decor:

1. Lanterns

Lanterns are fun. And playful! Have a special theme for your party? Stick in some themed trinkets! My favorite is the Birds of Peace Lantern. Sure, they’re a simple white color. Though that just means you can play around with the internals – using colored pillar lanterns like we have done or placing some flowers and pot pourri inside.

2. Conversation Starters: The Little Black Men Decor

Get the conversation flowing with our thinking men series. Fun fact: These have been a hit right from day 1! Everybody loves them. Pick your favorite one – is it a pensive man on a ladder who’s Lonely At the Top? Or a young girl swinging away her worries? Whichever you dig, these are sure to spark conversations around your party!

3. Jazz Nights & Musically Yours Candle Stands
Functional and decorative. Just my type. The Jazz Nights & Musically Yours candle stands are delicate little beauties, perfect for a musical themed evening. Throw on some scented candles, and place it around your house for a fresh aroma everywhere you go.


Serving Accessories:

1. Trays – Mirrored Gilt

Trays need not be boring and wooded. Glam it up with our Mirrored Gilt trays. They’re large. They’re glitzy. And they’re all you need to bling it up. Place them on a side counter with some interesting vases, or use them to welcome your guests as they walk in!

2. The Cheese Board

Perfect for a night of wine and dine, or a casual evening party, these cheese boards are quirky and snazzy. Serve your favorite types of cheese on your favorite platters. They come in 2 shapes – The Wine Glass Shape and the Artisanal Shape. And at almost a foot-long, they’re plenty for serving in style!

3. Glass Jars

Cookies, Fruits, Chocolates, Pot Pourri or even just decorative flowers. What will you put into these little beauties? Pick from our range of nautical themed jars, or stylish hemp rope jars for your serveware.

4. Bowls – Rooster Bowl, Elephant bowl

Part of our Serveware collection, and Rustic Accessories collection. Best used for light snacks, crisps or maybe some decorative flowers, these bowls sure pack a punch and style up any occasion.


1. Library Literature Rack

Conversation Starter, or Magazine Rack, you tell us! This leather piece perfectly fits in any corner and can hold your magazines and catalogs!

2. Tissue Paper Holder

A party basic, tissue papers, everybody needs them. Hide them away in this exquisite lil tissue paper holder, place it on a side counter and delight your guests!

Party Favors:

1. Crate Me Away

This one takes me back to our childhood days! Give them off as sets of 3, or pair them up, and impress your guests with these charming candle holders!

For those of you that love being the hostest with the mostest, we’ve got the best accessories & party requirements for you. Tag us on instagram with your party pics featuring our products, we’d love to know what your guests think!

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Fallen Angles Big Chandelier

Living Room Chandeliers: The Ultimate Guide

My personal favorite part of decorating a living room? Choosing the right lighting.

The one essential I always start with is a chandelier. After all, it is the statement piece. I like to think of it as a crown worn by a living room, and the rest of the decor as little pieces of jewellery!

There’s a certain romance in getting the lighting right, and I’d like to share my tips for how I go about choosing chandeliers for living room spaces.

Mainly its down to instinct. I like a piece, I know where it will fit, and I go for it. Its like choosing a handbag! We women instinctively go for a bag we like, and after a few dozen of them we more or less know the size that works for us best. Chandeliers, unfortunately, we cannot change every day and hence have to go with our choice combined with a few basic rules of how to commit to the right one.

I sat down to list out some rules to be followed while choosing the right chandelier light. Then I remembered a quote:

“It wasn’t logic, it was love” ~ Carrie Bradshaw

It’s got to “feel” right. A chandelier is the statement piece of your living room.

Decor represents who you are, and you may not be too great at painting or cooking, or the traditional art forms, but surely you can have decor to truly echo your personality.

Do you find excitement in drama? Go for a bold design:

Or, maybe you prefer everything to be pristine and clean? Opt for a simple crystal drop chandelier:

So many options!

Go forth, pick the one that best speaks to your heart.

That being said, here are a few practical rules to always keep in mind before making the decision:

1. Sizing:

Something too big may end up over-powering your space and giving it a cluttered look. You want to aim for a light that is commanding, yet can stay out of the way when required. That looks beautiful in daylight and at night. That doesn’t make your living room look smaller, yet doesn’t get lost in the ceiling.

There’s a very easy rule for this. Start with measuring the size of your room in feet. Like, width + length. If you’ve got a medium-to-large size living room of 20ft by 12ft, the approximate right size of your chandelier should be around 32inches. Thats length + width added in feet, and the same number taken in inches.

Handy Tip: We’ve got sizes of all our chandeliers on the product details pages themselves. Or, if you’d like help chosing one, drop us your sizes on the chat and we’ll be happy to help you by narrowing down the list!

Lets talk height. We want the chandelier to be low enough that it casts light on the living area sufficiently, though high enough that it doesn’t bring your ceiling height down. If you’ve got a tall ceiling, go for a taller chandelier. A tiered one would work wonders:

As would one that’s fairly tall in height:

Though if you’ve got a low ceiling, pick one that’s compact yet stylish:

2. Placement:

Now that you’ve got the sizing right, lets work through where and how to place the chandelier.

The bottom of the chandelier should be approx 7 feet from the floor in your room. So adjust the cord with the length that works best for your ceiling.

Another way to assure the chandelier doesn’t crowd your space? Place it atleast 4-feet away from all walls. Ideally it should be 4-feet away from any furniture, even side cabinets and shelves, though in smaller spaces this may be hard to achieve, so keep the walls as a guideline.

These rules specifically apply to living room spaces, for dining and bedrooms there are a few more considerations to be kept in mind. Until next week! Hang around till I sort through some of my favorite dining room lights and share them with you!

Fun Fact: Did you know? Chandeliers have evolved from the candlebra, invented in Medieval Era. Originally candles were used as the primary source of light untill electrical lighting became mainstream and affordable!

Shout out to all Harry Potter & Game of Thrones fans here…have you noticed how much more beautiful everything appears in their natural candle light? That’s the beauty of a chandelier… It dramatizes even the most mundane of spaces!

Let us know!

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Living Room Decor Ideas: Lighting Your Living Room like a Pro

When anyone asks whats my #1 room makeover hack, my answer is always the same: Lighting.

Little surprise then that I’m building a company around lighting, is it!

Here’s why:

It sets the tone of the room. Need to get some work done? Turn up all the lights around your table. Looking for a relaxed evening of pampering and de-stressing? Dim the lights and instantly feel refreshed. Lighting can drastically change the look and feel of a room.

It helps define the perceived size of the room. There’s some science behind this, though I’ll just make it easy for you. Light bounces off the surface of walls. Natural light creates an illusion of space, and the more we have our living room lighting look natural, the wider the space will appear. Done right, lighting can open up your space.

Its so easy to instantly make over your room by exchanging a few of your old lighting pieces for new ones. Table, Floor Lamps are easy enough to replace and can be shuffled around from room to room for a new look!

Convinced? Here’s the next pro tip: Layer your lights to multi-purpose your living room.

Why Layering your lighting is important:

Every type of light has a reason. It can range from general illumination to specific focus lights for your artwork. Layering your lights to cover the three main essential lighting types can help you achieve a versatile and flexible well-lit living room.

Not to mention, putting together various textures, fabrics and materials can be insanely fun!

Layering allows you to emphasize different parts of your living room based on what you’re looking to achieve. Lights can be functional, practical or just plain decorative, layering them around helps bring out the best of your space.

The key here is to understand the three main types of lighting and how to make it work for you. Namely, Ambient, Task and Accent Lighting.

Ambient Lighting
Ambient lighting, put quiet simply, is the general illumination in your room.

Its what helps you walk around without bumping into furniture, and offers enough light on its own to generally lighten up your room.

Depending on your architecture & decor, it could range from recessed wall / ceiling lights, track lights, or even natural light. The ideal is natural light of course, so the best bet is to invite as much of this as possible – with skylights, large windows, and sheer curtains.

Post daylight, you’re left with a whole lot of options to brighten up your room, and that’s where your creative side can go to town. Pair your favourite table & floor lamps and watch them cast a warm ambient glow to your space. Or, pick a chandelier and watch it dazzle your living room.

Main goal is to keep ambient lighting as flat and natural as possible.

Task Lighting
Task Lighting is just as the name suggests, light that supports you as you perform a task.

Reading, writing, dressing up. Pretty much everything. Remember the table study lamps from your school days? That’s task lighting for you. Arrange it just around your place of work – your table, lounge chair, or dressing table, and you’re all set.

Task lights are largely used to help you focus, and hence are inherently in contrast with ambient lights. Using task lights just over your work place is more beneficial than using harsh bright light all over your room.

Most task lights have an extendable / moveable arm and can be moved around however you see fit, though you can always opt for pendants / drum lights as we have in this room:

Accent Lighting
Museums, Art galleries, all use Accent Lights to focus on an object. They’re best used when you want to highlight some parts of your living room decor / architecture and shadow off others.

They’re great for adding drama, since accent lights are highly focussed and concentrated lights. If you’ve noticed, these lights are great for drawing eyes to singular pieces of art on walls and possibly to landscape as well.

Play around with wall lights, track lights and even pendants to bring out the best in your living room!

I hope this guide has helped you identify the different aspects of lighting and why they’re important. Go forth, get crazy with layers! Do share your thoughts with me via email at

Deer Deer

Interior Decor Styles Explained: Eclectic, Coastal & Bohemian

Your home tells the story of you. It’s like the autobiography we all want to write about ourselves, manifested in a physical space. Every piece of furniture, every rug, every color, pattern, texture expresses who you are.

We’re gonna walk through various trends in this multi-part series to help you identify the style that suits your personality.

Eclectic: The Organised Chaos

Eclectic is the cocktail mix between clean symmetry and bohemian. While you can’t go wrong with sticking to a single theme, it could get a bit mundane. This decor style affords you the freedom to break the conventional diktats. Think mixed patterns. Mixed textures. Contrasting color palettes. You could practically go nuts with this style!

Eclectic Decor allows you the creative freedom to experiment while still maintaining a semblance of structure. The key is to find a common ground between all elements to make your decor gel together.

Here’s a room with Eclectic done right. Stripes set the tone for the room overall, though we’ve got the dizzy-patterned cushions. The symmetry offered by the side tables is just offset with the distinguished pieces of lighting on either side, and unique arrangement of the side chairs.

Coastal: The Sheerness

Who doesn’t love the beach? Clean white sands. Blue skies. Clear translucent water. Crafty shells.

Coastal Decor is all about freshness. Picture a room with large windows, sheer curtains, and lots of natural light. White furnishings, barely-there blues and coral-flavoured pastels. Throw in a sea-themed accessory or two to get the feel down. We’ve got some interesting accessories that work well with this design style, check out our beach-themed idea book on Houzz here.

This room is one of our favourites - notice the abundance of natural light. A small accessory completes the look and adds a dabble of color to give character to the space.

Here’s another room that whispers ‘pristine’ - isn’t it a highly refreshing space to wake up in the mornings to?


Bohemian: The Bold & The Beautiful

Noise. Loudness. A room with a personality. One that’s not afraid to be in-your-face. Bohemian Interior Decor Style is all about embracing your you-ness and portraying your life in your space.

Imagine you’re given a large white canvas and the creative freedom to fill it any way you see fit. Personal Photographs. Memorabilia from your last vacation. Souvenirs from your friends’ wedding. Go crazy.

Put it all out. Fill every corner with a memory. And then add some more. Bohemian Decor focusses heavily on you and you have every freedom to express yourself here.

Stay tuned for our 5-part series on the various decor styles out there. We’re compiling our list of the styles we love and going all crazy with the various kinds of decor! Drop me an email at if you’d like to talk more!