A short history of Tiffany Lamps

The vivid colours of nature can be perfectly seen on the beautiful antique Tiffany Lamps. I was intrigued by the nature of colours on these lamps and the great precision with which they were made.

It’s the magic of this golden lamp

When the light under its wail shines bright!

Nature sings a gentle note,

Like a lily blooming under a gleaming moonbeam,

It splashes with delight,

Under its first light!


Tiffany Lamps
Tiffany Lamps

Each authentic Tiffany lamp was customised and handmade by skilful artists. Now, I say authentic because over the years they’ve been many a replica of these once-glorious lamps.


Tiffany Lamps
Tiffany Lamps

Tiffany lamps were created with the utmost diligence and labour at the Tiffany studio in America back in the  1880s. The pioneer of this unique style of lamps was Louis Comfort Tiffany, son of Charles Lewis Tiffany, founder of Tiffany & Co., the legendary diamond jewellers.

Louis Tiffany was a painter and drew inspiration from nature to create such decor pieces. He started off with tinted glass windows for cathedrals and houses and later created his applause-worthy signature lamps.

The owners of these special lamps could feel no less than a Monsieur and Madame of the chateau or even a Lord and Lady of the manor. The appeal behind these intricately designed lamps lies in the dexterity with which they were made and the profound use of colours.  

What are Tiffany Lamps?

Tiffany Lamps were made using the ‘Came Glasswork’ technique. In this process, tinted glasses were created using impurities in the form of elements and compounds. Copper, Iron oxide, Gold, Uranium and so on, would give the glass a tint or colour, a natural signature of the respective constituent element.

The transparent glass was made excluding impurities almost completely. Louis Tiffany learnt to make tinted glass from scratch using these colouring agents. The traditional method would take hours of careful work into making such objects.


Came Glasswork
Came Glasswork


The tinted glass pieces were broken down into smaller pieces. They were then joined together in shapes of flowers, dragonflies and geometric shapes using straps of Lead and Copper.

These metal pieces were then soldered together to form a connecting layer between the glass pieces.


Came Glasswork
Came Glasswork

It is said that although Louis Tiffany is completely accredited for this beautiful work of art, it was indeed an artist named Clara Driscoll who designed the Tiffany lamps. She was the master designer behind the leaded glass lamps produced by Tiffany studio.

However, Tiffany started and patronised this style. These lamps were a part of the Art nouveau movement that took place in America.

Types of Tiffany lamps

  • Regular upper border
  • Irregular lower border
  • Favrile
  • Geometric
  • Transition to flowers
  • Flowered cone
  • Flowered globe

The Irregular Upper and Lower Border lamps would carry an openwork crown edge that helped in giving the effect of a branch, tree, or shrubbery.

The Favrile (meaning handcrafted) category, was the one most in communion with the first lamps Tiffany made under his label.


Favrile Glass
Favrile Glass

The Geometric category, done primarily by the male craftsmen, such as triangles, squares, rectangles, and ovals to form patterns for these lamps.


Geometric Designs
Geometric Designs

Transition to the Flowers group is subdivided into the Flowered Cone and Globe Lamps. All of these lamps follow a natural, or botanical, design using flowers, dragonflies, spiders with webs, butterflies, and peacock feathers.


Globe Designs
Globe Designs

The difference between these two smaller categories is the difference in the lamp shapes, which is really just a cone and a globe.

The Tiffany lights were extraordinary, and the craftsmanship used to create them radiated brilliance. In today's time, an antique Tiffany Lamp could go up to $ 2 Million. These lamps are not just beautiful pieces of art but also reminiscent of a time amidst the industrial revolution, when people decided to create beautiful art with their bare hands.

I remember the Jerzy Kosinski line, “The principles of true art is not to portray, but to evoke.”  Tiffany Lamps certainly evoke strong and beautiful emotions.

The White Teak Company believes in bringing out the most modern and unique decorative lighting which although are very different in style from the Tiffany lamps but are equally attractive.

White teak aims at presenting you with that lovely home you had always dreamt of, bringing forth a large collection of modern lighting and home decor, that will certainly adorn your home in the most elegant way. White Teak invites you to live in excellence and envision a future brighter than the stars with its collection of modern decorative lighting.



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Key elements for a harmonious meditation room

It is essential that we meditate, for which a meditation room is innate, away from the bustling noisy environment.

Especially, during this era where stress levels have risen above the charts and people are looking for various alternatives to convert that blustery stress into comfort and gain some mental repose.

Unfortunately, in today’s time, people are looking towards liquor and drugs and harmful substances to relieve themselves of their daily traumas. Thus, in order to eradicate stress and the harmful mannerisms of our fellow men, the need for one’s spiritual awakening arises with a double force.

Creating a meditation room at one’s home is quite a simple task.


Elements needed for a meditation room:

  • Pleasant lighting as well as a lot of natural light







  • Candles



  • Music for the soul, cleansing the mind off all negative thoughts

  • A calming paint palette for the room

  • Adding a personal touch with some decor pieces

  • An uncluttered and clean setting

  • A rustic touch



  • Cushions and mats

  • Essential oils

  • A few indoor plants so that one can re-energise one’s self amidst nature, inside one’s home.

  • An altar to place something representing your deity or spiritual leader. An object which you consider sacred, which also is your focal point.


Once the meditation room is ready, it becomes a blessing for the entire family because one goes there laden with anxiety in search of peace and tranquillity and returns a rejuvenated soul, ready to tackle all odds and to appreciate the merciful bounties bestowed upon them by nature.

Design your very own library!

Lighting plays a major role in setting up of a library.

Even after technology, having advanced to its present extent, a book reader always needs a library to enjoy the pleasure of reading a good book.

A Cosy Library At Home
A Cosy Library At Home

I feel, books are our best mates and preparing a room especially for books is a wonderful thing.

Tips on creating a library at home

Things to be mindful of:


  1. It is crucial to add attractive lighting for a high-end look
  2. If the lighting isn’t proper the library might easily look like an unkempt attic
  3. A reading lamp is a must
  4. Ambient lighting is important to give a bright look, although it is optional
  5. Accent lighting, however, should be present at spaces like shelves or tables for reading purposes as well as for giving a sense of comfort
  6. Accent lighting can be very well utilized to illuminate shelves
A Warm Table Lamp
Effortless Table Lamp


  1. Choosing the smartest set of bookshelves or cabinets befitting the texture of the room is pivotal
  2. Get a closet which has additional features like doors and drawers to give it a smart look
  3. Go for a sleek built-in design


  1. A comfortable seating with an armrest
  2. A footstool or an ottoman
  3. A reading couch
  4. A built-in reading bench
  5. A desk - to convert the library to a study every now and then
  6. A library ladder - depending upon the height of your shelves


Library Decor
Derby Champion Decor Showpiece

Personalize the space with some beautiful decor items like:

  • Sculptures
Masai Lady Wooden Decor
Masai Lady Wooden Decor
  • Wall hangings
Moroccan Lunch Party Wall Hanging Decor
Moroccan Lunch Party Wall Hanging Decor
  • Serveware
Artisanal Cheese Board
Artisanal Cheese BoardServeware

Books create a wonderful aura and give out a lovely appearance to a room. The lighting used to accentuate their presence add an unmatched warmth to them. It is essential to choose the very best lights and decor for such a room.

Utilize the space with:

  1. Decorative wall sconces
  2. Table lamps

    Table Lamps
    Table Lamps
  3. Sleek picture lights
  4. Floor lamps

    Floor Lamp
    Floor Lamp
  5. Pendant lights

    Elfin Dust Pendant Light
    Elfin Dust Pendant Light

Reading a book is one of the most relaxing activities one takes up, a room dedicated to it is a blessing. Make that blessing yours!

After all, as this quote says and I believe so,

Whenever you read a good book, somewhere in the world a door opens to allow in more light.



Lamp Set

The key to serenity - Peaceful decorative lights

“If light is in your heart, you will find your way home.” Rumi

Decorative lights have a very positive effect in our home if positioned correctly

Sometimes the smallest things can turn your fortune. Vastu Shastra shows you how tweaking your home with proper lighting can increase positive energy.

We live in a world full of congestion, of useless successions of nothingness!

The only solace we have is our home. The one place in the whole world that belongs to us. What would have we been, if we had not been granted this one space? We would end up being nomads and nothing more.

Lights should be positioned like the one below, similar to the sun centrally lighting up your solar system.



Our home should be a pure place where we’re in harmony, where we find our peace.

Something that may bring peace, from your right-hand side, whilst sitting on your couch at the Left. Suggesting a balance between your home’s left and right energies, like the chandelier hanging below.


Bring to yourselves the feeling of warmth and positive balance, which a Floor lamp has to give or a table lamp or even wall lights.

Table Lamp
Table Lamp

Creating a harmonious mood for your home with these lights


Table Lamp
Table Lamp


“Inside you, there’s an artist you don’t know about.” Rumi


Table Lamp
Table Lamp

You decorate your home with your art. Discover the artist within you. No ‘Vastu’ is better than your own vibrations. If you feel strongly for it, it must be right!

Follow your heart and do what’s best for your home. Beautify it with love!


Beautiful drama under my light

The most important thing is to enjoy your life, to be happy, it’s all that matters. —Audrey Hepburn

Getting one’s hair brushed is a true pleasure, that too under a warm looking decorative light, like a pendant, with a dimmer gently spreading light through.

This is what one would call perfect!

The last knott clearing through as the brush passes it, amidst down flowing light rays from the nearby fabric shades of the radiant lamps.

Pendant Light
Pendant Light

There isn't another comfort better than one’s home. Your home brings a smile to your face, you don't know how and why, but it does!

Ceiling Light
Ceiling Light

Envision the picture so ethereal, you can almost feel the drama whilst sitting under those lights.

Hanging Light
Hanging Light

Now, look at this floor lamp, can you think of a better design? It’s just lovely and having it by your side would be a real joy, there’s no doubt in that!

Floor Lamp
Floor Lamp

And these wall lights are a beauty, can you deny that? No, you can’t!

Wall Lights
Wall Lights

They say money can’t buy happiness but it sure can buy White Teak’s lighting, which is almost the same thing!  

Floor Lamp : At A Glance

Floor lamps are beautiful additions to our household. They bring a splash of elegance to our homes.

Lamp Set
Lamp Set

Floor lamps can give out 2 kinds of lighting

  1. Ambient Lighting or General Room Lighting
  2. Task Lighting

Kinds Of Floor Lamps

1. Shaded Floor Lamps

The shade is placed on top of a rod and gives away light to the entire room.

Floor Lamp
Floor Lamp

2. Torchiere Floor Lamps

Lamps under this category direct light upwards towards the ceiling. They give out a general room lighting without glare.

3. Arc Floor Lamps

These lamps can be used to give out lighting for large seating areas, with single or multiple lights positioned at the end of a long arc armrest.

4. Pharmacy Reading Floor Lamps

A pharmacy floor lamp has an adjustable lamp head as well as a base that can be adjusted to different heights.

5. Tree Torchiere Lamps

A torchiere lamp directs light upwards and at time few sideways depending upon the style, this lamp could be utilized as a task light as well as an ambient light.

6. Swing Arm Floor Lamps

These are designs that allow you to easily adjust the position of the light, offering both task and ambient lighting.

Features of floor lamps

Floor Lamp
  1. For the option of having two levels of light without the use of a dimmer, choose a floor lamp featuring double pull chains.
  2. Consider a floor lamp with a built-in dimmer, for the ability to lower or increase light levels.
  3. For larger rooms consider floor lamp sets, they look more pretty as a set and are more attractive.
  4. You can also consider a floor lamp with a table or shelf built into the lamp.

Please visit the article Lamps at a glance: choose your lamp well to know more about the texture, style and designs of floor lamps.

The White Teak Company has a wide range of floor lamps, go and check them out!

Table Lamp : At a glance

A table lamp is a wonderful accessory in the world of lighting.

These accent lights accentuate the beauty of the room in which they’re placed. These lights can make or break the deal if or not utilized well.

The size of the table lamp needs to be in proportion to the size of the room and the dimensions of the table on which it is positioned.

Table Lamps
Table Lamps

The size of the room is important

1. The size of the room directly affects the kind of table lamp that should go with it

2. It is imperative to find the right height, shape, and overall size of the table lamp to keep it proportional to the size of the room

3. A lower ceiling should have a relatively shorter light, whereas a tall ceiling can accommodate a taller table lamp


Table Lamp
Table Lamp

Let's assume that we have a large room in mind with 10 feet high ceilings, a 30-inch lamp will do well in such a case. Smaller spaces, with a lower-ceiling, are better with conventional table lamps which could be around 20-26 inches high.

Table Lamp
Table Lamp

Choose a light bulb which does not shine directly into one’s eyes.

Pick a lamp that is not far too large occupying most of the space on the table, and do not choose a very small lamp either.
Many lamps can be placed in one room to brighten it.

Table Lamp
Table Lamp

A reading lamp should be near the shoulders. The lamp shade’s bottom should be even with one’s head.
If the lamp is quite tall, we need to move it at least two feet away.


Task Lights
Task Lights

Regarding desk lamps, one needs to get lamps that provide enough light on the work surface.

We’re ready to buy a table lamp!

Now that all the precautions needed have been taken, it’s time to bring home a table lamp!

Select a table lamp that will complement the decor of the room. A lamp which fits in with all the other elements of the room. The fabric of the lamp shade needs to meet your requirement.


Table Lamp
Table Lamp

If you want a task light, a bright table lamp needs to be chosen and if decoration is your main objective, you should pick the shades made of beautiful textured fabrics.

To know more about the colour and style used for the fabric of the shades please visit the article Lamps at a glance: Choose your lamp well

The white teak company offers a wide range of table lamps both decorative as well as for task purpose.

Pendant Lights - A Buying Guide

Pendant lights are lovely substitutes for the giant chandeliers.
Have you ever wanted beautiful pendant lamps in your home but couldn’t find the right one?

Here are a few tips to find the right pendant lamps for your home

  1. Firmly decide upon the location and the purpose of buying a pendant light
  2. Decide upon the style of pendant lights befitting your home
Pendant Lights
Pendant Lights

Pendant lights can be of various kinds, but there are 3 major styles I’ve narrowed the search down to, choose the one which fits your style:

  1. Traditional
  2. Contemporary
  3. Transitional

Traditional Pendant Lights

Pendant Lights
Pendant Lights

Pendants, under this category, have a more ornate look.


Pendant Lights
Pendant Lights

These pendants have clean edges, sharp lines and a very contemporary look.


Pendant Lights
Pendant Lights

A transition between contemporary and transitional. We could say, it’s the best of both the worlds.

Finishing Used For The Pendant Light

It's important to be certain regarding the kind of finish you want on your pendant. The finishing could be of various kinds:

1. Metal

2. Glass

3. Cement

4. Antique

5. Black Iron

6. Copper

7. Steel

8. Gold

9. Crystal

10. Rope

11.  3Dimensional

12. Water

13. White

14. Bronze

Kinds And Material Of The Shades

The material of the pendants need careful observation too, a few of the kinds of material are listed below:

1. Ceramics bring that lovely, handmade essence to your room – and a really imaginative way to use them is in a hanging ceiling lamp

2. When it comes to hanging pendant lights that really make a clear, bold, elegant statement, nothing beats the glass

3. Metal is best for spilling warm buttery light around the place in a lazy sort of way

4. A crystal style can be placed on a multitude of frames sizes and shapes in a variety of materials, but all share one common denominator – crystal pieces.

5. Fabric shades are very attractive and create a softer and homier look than metal or glass alternatives. Fabric can be ideal for a bedroom

or other lounge-style area that is low-key and calm.

6. Wood and bamboo pendant shades exist as well and can work to create a good look in a country or cottage style rural setting. These materials can also work well for a cabin.

7. Acrylic has been coming back in a big way recently, with designers embracing the versatility of the material.

8. As a material for lighting, resin too has some very special qualities that set it apart from more traditional ones like wood and brass. It’s malleable, so we can experiment with unusual, almost organic shapes.

9. Roped fixtures look great in most spaces and are naturally stylish. Many of these fixtures are weathered.

Types of Pendant Lights

1.Mini Pendant Lights

Pendant Lights

These are small hanging lamps which could be used as single hanging pendants or as clusters.

2.Island Pendant Lights

Pendant Lights
Pendant Lights

These are similar to mini pendants but have a different kind of fixture.

3. Pendant Light with Fabric Shade

Pendant Lights
Pendant Lights

Pendants with a fabric shade bring about a look of extravagance to the traditional pendant lamp.

4.Multi-light Pendant Lights

Pendant Lights

These lamps provide ambient lighting with 3 to 10 lamps together. They are attached to the ceiling by one long fixture.

5.Inverted Pendant Lights

Pendant Lights
Pendant Lights

These are inverted funnel-like lamps which give away ambient lighting.

Light Bulbs

Decide upon the bulb which best suits your home’s ambience for the pendant of your choice.

It is very important to select the correct pendant size and style considering the room in which it is to be placed. Thus, following the above tips should be useful.

The White Teak Company has a grand range of pendant lights in various shapes and sizes, check them out and take home the best pendant lamps you’ve ever seen!



On Sweet Reminiscence - Essential Home Decor

On a quiet winter evening, as she stands beside her mantelpiece, a tiny fire lit beneath it. The lady of the house looks at the tea table in front, with her newly bought ‘Hyde park brown' picnic basket decor piece on it and feels warm inside.

Hyde Park Brown Picnic Basket

The ‘Wine and dine’ home decor piece on the crockery shelf reminds her of the shiraz red wine she poured herself a while back.

Wine And Dine Decor

As she walks across to get her glass of wine, the ‘Stripes or solids?' candle holders on the dining table catch her gaze.

Stripes Or Solids? Candle Holders

She remembers the day she bought it.
Her husband had disapproved of it so strongly at first but had loved the look of it once it arrived.

She smiles to herself as she reminisces about that time.

She sips her wine as she rests on her armchair near the fireplace, turning on the stereo, playing her favourite jazz music while waiting for the man of the house to return home after months of separation.

To that memory which feels like home.
So that whenever the mind wanders,
It always finds its way back.



Top of the 1st Inning

The White Teak company is India's fastest growing decorative lighting brand and if you've not yet felt the warmth of its glow, we would love to invite you to do so now!

Its lighting and decor have a pan India reach.

As a matter of fact, it is known for its quality of products and their smart and captivating designs.
We could almost say, “It’s a blend of sugar and spice and everything nice!”

Apart from the physical realm, White Teak has managed to grip the virtual arena, that is the social media platform. It is growing every moment. It's needless to say how loved White Teak is!

The world of White Teak on Instagram
The world of White Teak on Instagram

Its stronghold covers virtual platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Quora, Houzz, twitter. We publish regular blogs on Wordpress too.

Its Instagram reach itself is about 5000 to 6000 per day.

The world of White Teak on Facebook
The world of White Teak on Facebook

I personally am extremely proud to be part of the White Teak family. It’s always showered us with affection and support.

The fondness and praises you all bestow upon us immensely boost our morale. We’re motivated to provide you with better services and opportunities to beautify your lovely home.

The world of White Teak on Instagram
The world of White Teak on Instagram

White Teak is a story of passion backed up with a vision!

We are inclined to look out for you, to be part of your festivals, your birthdays, your gloomy days, your happy times.

We, in turn, want you all to be a part of White Teak’s legacy!