Floor lamps are beautiful additions to our household. They bring a splash of elegance to our homes.

Lamp Set
Lamp Set

Floor lamps can give out 2 kinds of lighting

  1. Ambient Lighting or General Room Lighting
  2. Task Lighting

Kinds Of Floor Lamps

1. Shaded Floor Lamps

The shade is placed on top of a rod and gives away light to the entire room.

Floor Lamp
Floor Lamp

2. Torchiere Floor Lamps

Lamps under this category direct light upwards towards the ceiling. They give out a general room lighting without glare.

3. Arc Floor Lamps

These lamps can be used to give out lighting for large seating areas, with single or multiple lights positioned at the end of a long arc armrest.

4. Pharmacy Reading Floor Lamps

A pharmacy floor lamp has an adjustable lamp head as well as a base that can be adjusted to different heights.

5. Tree Torchiere Lamps

A torchiere lamp directs light upwards and at time few sideways depending upon the style, this lamp could be utilized as a task light as well as an ambient light.

6. Swing Arm Floor Lamps

These are designs that allow you to easily adjust the position of the light, offering both task and ambient lighting.

Features of floor lamps

Floor Lamp
  1. For the option of having two levels of light without the use of a dimmer, choose a floor lamp featuring double pull chains.
  2. Consider a floor lamp with a built-in dimmer, for the ability to lower or increase light levels.
  3. For larger rooms consider floor lamp sets, they look more pretty as a set and are more attractive.
  4. You can also consider a floor lamp with a table or shelf built into the lamp.

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