Eclectic Vibes

An eclectic look for a modern apartment.

A style that has the power of emerging styles and retains real individuality. A blend of your preferences and your personal style that you wish to reflect because your home is who you are.

Each room can be worked upon in slow successions.

A marvel of aesthetics – Look out for seasonal inspirations and everlasting pieces.

An eclectic pendant chandelier in a matte gold body, made of beaten metal plates. It’s sure to grab everyone’s attention and compliment a modern space.

Give flight to your dreams with the golden snitch.

A white globe that emanates a glow with disc-shaped wings inspired from the rings of Saturn and Harry Potters Snitch. It’s a funky piece to complement your space and aggrandize it, both at once.

This hanging light is a stunner, with graceful curves and lines this piece isn’t just beautiful its absolute sophistication. It encapsulates a maze and is sure to make heads turn and get mouths talking. Transform a cozy space or something lush with this eclectic vibe. Call your friends, get some drinks, turn on this beauty and it’s party time. Because who does not want to show off with a siren-like this.

Black and Gold are now the most loved combination and this floor lamp ticks all the boxes of style, design and is just that touch perfection. The stand is finished in gold with a sleek shade in black. Its simplicity and perfection are what make it adequate to add that finishing touch to your space. It’s perfect for a home library or for the corner next to your lounging sofa. Just get a nice woolen throw, turn on this beauty and put your legs up, and relax with your favorite book.

Thinking beyond the DOT. It’s smart and it’s out of the box because it’s more than a dot. It’s the Ten Spot Wall Light. This piece in matte black and electroplated matte gold has been crafted in solid iron. It adds spunk and life, your sure to never get bored with this piece of abstract art because its more than a light.