I decided to prepare dinner the other night. While my curry was reducing on the saucer, I started to wonder, something in my kitchen didn’t seem right.

Nothing in my kitchen seemed right!

My curry turned out great but my kitchen was a mess. No, it wasn’t because I had flooded my kitchen isle with ingredients, which I had done, but because of the big picture. My kitchen was a mess!

Breathe heavy,  breathe slow or whatever goes in the flow!

Here, I made it rhyme!

Alright, let’s get to my point. All I am trying to say is that our kitchen is one of the most important spaces in our home, and yet the most neglected and underutilized one.

There is no harm in showing some care towards it.

As I decided to redo my kitchen, I jotted down a few important points which I thought of sharing. It might just help you as well.

Give Some Credit to Decorative Lighting

A few simple things to keep in your mind while doing your kitchen.

Decide upon the kind of decorative lighting you want to use to decorate the place.

Add freshness to it by bringing in a set of clustered pendant lamps or a single-headed pendant light.

A tripple Headed-Pendant light for your kitchen
The Triple-Headed Pendant light For Your Kitchen

Pendant lights are a smaller version of the grand chandeliers. Although equal in charm, they use less space. You could use it above a smart crockery table or an elaborate wooden chest.

A fun fact, did you know that the modern chandeliers are descendants of the ancient candelabrum which were large-branched candle hangings. Interesting, isn’t it?

A single-headed pendant light could be used as a corner lighting, like the globe lanterns from ancient time, or you could decorate your kitchen with some clustered hanging pendant lights!

Clustered Pendant Lights
Clustered Pendant Lights For Your Kitchen

Or whichever may suit your spirit. There are a large number of pendant lights easily available online and offline these days. You could go and check them out.

Award your kitchen space with some home decor pieces

Celebrate your space, sprinkle drops of chicness to that kitchen area of yours.

Keep in mind the tone of the kitchen and the decorative lightings you’ve used, you could use a few small rustic or a few modern ones.

Another way to organize your interior is by adding a sculpture as a centrepiece in a huge kitchen or on the beautiful wooden shelves, whichever style makes you happy!

A Set Of Two Glass Lanterns
A Set Of Two Glass Lanterns For Your Kitchen

If you’ve got one of those cosy kitchens with less space to spare use some of the smaller artefacts, like a decorative piece on the sides of your slab or on windowsills.

Clear out the chaos!

Free your space of clutter. If you’ve not used a vessel in years and it looks ugly, make a move and remove it!

Use those beautiful pieces of cutlery you’ve been storing for a rendezvous with the Duchess of Cambridge, she won’t be coming! I understand how important that bubble of yours is, my apologies for bursting it!

Use all of your best china and silver!

And the dining set you’ve been saving, for a dinner with the Prime Minister,  go ahead and make it useful. Cherish every moment as you live it!

Neatly arrange all those smart vessels and ingredients in your drawers and your cupboards.

Summing up my points, I could say,

  1. Use decorative lightings

  2. Organize your pieces of equipment

  3. Style the area using visually attractive home decor

  4. Keep your kitchen area devoid of clutter

In the end, I would like to put forward an idea that dawned on me the other night. I hope it helps manage your kitchen space better.

While doing your kitchen space follow one ground rule, do not overdo it!

Keep it mess free and clean. Furnish it but in a balanced manner.

Now, don’t you wait any longer, decorate your home now!