An innate element defining your home is the collection of lamps you own. If placed correctly, they’re like beautiful poetic renditions.

Your living room, your bedroom and other rooms decorated with floor lamps or table lamps, certainly would look pleasing. I would like to present a few suggestions regarding style and sizes of lamps that you could utilize, keeping in mind your home.

Triple treat floor lamp - lamps
Triple Treat Floor Lamp

A few tips on how to use lamps to the best of your advantage

Lighting plays a pivotal role in transforming a house into a home and we at White Teak are here to help you choose the right kind of lamps for your place.

1. Colour and Style of The Lamp

The first thing you need to decide is the colour and style of the lamp that would work best for your space. Shades of red and gold, along with colours like olive green, taupe and brown, would look lovely in a classic setting.

In an elegant and modern room, you would want to stick to streamlined designs and solid colours like black, white or grey.

Circular motion table lamp - lamps
Circular Motion Table Lamp

2. Height and Size of The Lamp

Once the colour and style have been decided, it’s important to pick a lamp of the perfect size that will create consonance with the style and size of your furniture.

A table lamp, for example, should be positioned comfortably on a table with some space around it. The bottom of the lampshade should be at an eye level. This enables you to avoid a direct glare from the bulbs or see any of its electrical parts.

A lamp positioned on either end of the seating or on opposite ends provide symmetry and a sense of harmony in that space.

In case your lamps have multiple light sources, then it would be suitable to buy ones with a dimmer so that ambient lighting could be achieved.

Crystal karma table lamp - lamps
Crystal Karma Table Lamp

3. The Lamp Material

Floor or table lamps have certain characteristics which are similar. They have a lampshade, a base and are crafted with a certain finish. The finishing could include antique bronze, oil rubbed bronze, brushed nickel or satin nickel finishing.

The lamp base could be of metal, wood, glass, crystal and ceramic. The light bulbs need to be carefully chosen, as they determine the quality of lighting in your room. A few things to keep in mind while deciding upon the kind of light bulbs to be used are, the colour temperature of the light, their lumens and wattage.

Know more about choosing the right kind of bulbs for your lamps.

Lamps not only give away lighting but also set the mood for a room. They play an important part in building memories for a beautiful home!

I hope this gives you an idea touching upon the ways by which you could utilize your home spaces with these beautiful lamps.

I encourage you to create your own trend and to look for more prospects to decorate your home with these lamps.

Make your home your paradise, because if there is a paradise on earth, it is here!