My personal favorite part of decorating a living room? Choosing the right lighting.

The one essential I always start with is a chandelier. After all, it is the statement piece. I like to think of it as a crown worn by a living room, and the rest of the decor as little pieces of jewellery!

There’s a certain romance in getting the lighting right, and I’d like to share my tips for how I go about choosing chandeliers for living room spaces.

Mainly its down to instinct. I like a piece, I know where it will fit, and I go for it. Its like choosing a handbag! We women instinctively go for a bag we like, and after a few dozen of them we more or less know the size that works for us best. Chandeliers, unfortunately, we cannot change every day and hence have to go with our choice combined with a few basic rules of how to commit to the right one.

I sat down to list out some rules to be followed while choosing the right chandelier light. Then I remembered a quote:

“It wasn’t logic, it was love” ~ Carrie Bradshaw

It’s got to “feel” right. A chandelier is the statement piece of your living room.

Decor represents who you are, and you may not be too great at painting or cooking, or the traditional art forms, but surely you can have decor to truly echo your personality.

Do you find excitement in drama? Go for a bold design:

Or, maybe you prefer everything to be pristine and clean? Opt for a simple crystal drop chandelier:

So many options!

Go forth, pick the one that best speaks to your heart.

That being said, here are a few practical rules to always keep in mind before making the decision:

1. Sizing:

Something too big may end up over-powering your space and giving it a cluttered look. You want to aim for a light that is commanding, yet can stay out of the way when required. That looks beautiful in daylight and at night. That doesn’t make your living room look smaller, yet doesn’t get lost in the ceiling.

There’s a very easy rule for this. Start with measuring the size of your room in feet. Like, width + length. If you’ve got a medium-to-large size living room of 20ft by 12ft, the approximate right size of your chandelier should be around 32inches. Thats length + width added in feet, and the same number taken in inches.

Handy Tip: We’ve got sizes of all our chandeliers on the product details pages themselves. Or, if you’d like help chosing one, drop us your sizes on the chat and we’ll be happy to help you by narrowing down the list!

Lets talk height. We want the chandelier to be low enough that it casts light on the living area sufficiently, though high enough that it doesn’t bring your ceiling height down. If you’ve got a tall ceiling, go for a taller chandelier. A tiered one would work wonders:

As would one that’s fairly tall in height:

Though if you’ve got a low ceiling, pick one that’s compact yet stylish:

2. Placement:

Now that you’ve got the sizing right, lets work through where and how to place the chandelier.

The bottom of the chandelier should be approx 7 feet from the floor in your room. So adjust the cord with the length that works best for your ceiling.

Another way to assure the chandelier doesn’t crowd your space? Place it atleast 4-feet away from all walls. Ideally it should be 4-feet away from any furniture, even side cabinets and shelves, though in smaller spaces this may be hard to achieve, so keep the walls as a guideline.

These rules specifically apply to living room spaces, for dining and bedrooms there are a few more considerations to be kept in mind. Until next week! Hang around till I sort through some of my favorite dining room lights and share them with you!

Fun Fact: Did you know? Chandeliers have evolved from the candlebra, invented in Medieval Era. Originally candles were used as the primary source of light untill electrical lighting became mainstream and affordable!

Shout out to all Harry Potter & Game of Thrones fans here…have you noticed how much more beautiful everything appears in their natural candle light? That’s the beauty of a chandelier… It dramatizes even the most mundane of spaces!

Let us know!

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