Your living room is your social hub – it multi-functions as an entertaining space for guests, a de-stressing space after a hard day’s work, a place to engage the kids in activities, or maybe to just relax and channel surf on your TV. You probably already know how important it is to get the look and feel right of your living room, fret not, we’re here to help you arrange the perfect space for your needs.

Lets start with the first essential: Furniture.

How to Arrange Furniture in the Living Room


To start off, we always want to optimise for space. Nobody likes a cluttered space where you have to squeeze between chairs to get to a seat, or knock into coffee tables as you walk around. Keep a good amount of space between each piece to allow people to walk around.

Divide & Conquer:

This works best for large or L-shaped living rooms. Break them up into separate sections with the use of furniture. The back of your sofa functions as a visual divider and can be used to separate the living area from the dining area.

Use cool rugs to create further definition, this helps each space to behave independently of each other.

Traffic Flow:

Allow people to walk freely through the passage. If your living room has multiple doorways, be sure to arrange furniture such that you can walk around from room to room without hitting their knees and toes into tables etc.

Focal Point:

Look for the natural focal point. It could be a window with a view, or a wall with art on it, a tv, or even a showcase. Arrange the sofa and chairs so everyone can look at it as well as the guests in the room. As Joey says :

Conversation Areas:

Create designated conversation areas – if you have a large room, pair pieces of furniture together. This could be 2 chairs facing each other like in this living room:

An excellent idea is to create “islands” – seating arrangements demarcated by rugs. Rugs help to visually separate spaces, and can be pretty too!

Drink Rest:

Ensure that every chair / seat has a nearby-enough drink rest. It could be the centre coffee table, or even a small side table.

Lighting a.k.a Ambience

We all want a living room that allows you to feel fresh in the mornings, and relaxed in the evenings. How do we achieve this? Energising enough to help you face all the challenges of the day, yet comfortable enough that you can kick back with a glass of wine.

Ambience, ambience, ambience. That’s the key word. And we create this ambience by playing around with the lighting of the room. In the day time, we want to ensure as much natural lighting as possible comes in. See this room:

And in the night, we want to re-create this natural glow with our own interior lighting, as this room has perfectly done with a faux-fireplace:

Ambient Lighting, as I have covered in my previous blog post, is the general illumination of the room. I like to start off planning the lighting of the room with a general ambient lighting. The best way to achieve this is with a large overhead chandelier. Be sure to always have a dimmer installed in all your lights, this helps you adjust around till you get the right mood settings.

Based on the look you are going for, this could be a Modern Chandelier like the Ice Age, or a fairly dramatic traditional one like our Park Avenue Princess. I personally prefer to go with a chandelier that’s dramatic.

I have written a detailed guide to choosing chandeliers – before buying one, do read it here.

While chandeliers serve for general illumination in the room, I also love to use Floor Lamps and Table Lamps as additional layers of lighting.

In my living room in the far corner I have a tall thin floor lamp that just about lights up the two chairs around it, without disturbing the dining area or other spaces in my house.

Another tip I’ve seen used in other houses is to mix up the Floor & Table Lamps – place one of each on either side of a sofa for an asymmetric curious look – a tall floor lamp on one side, and a side table with a matching table lamp on the other side. We’ve got pairs on our site as well – if you’d like to experiment with this look, send us a photo of your room and we’ll be happy to help suggest which pair to go with!

Last Up, Decor Accents

Decorative Accents add a whole bit of color, style and personality to your living room. And hey, if nothing else, they create interesting conversation pieces! Nothing brightens up a party like an eccentric item or two that has a story behind it. A story from your travels, from your childhood, or one that just stole your heart from a designer store!

Why use Decor Accents:

Think of decor as little pieces of jewellery in your home. Much like the little earrings you just know match beautifully with your dress, decor items are like accessories to adorn your room with. Have a large empty-looking coffee table? Place a sculpture on it. Or have a corner that no furniture seems to fit into? We’ve got the perfect piece for that! Fill up your room with interesting tid-bits and watch conversations spark.

Where to place them:

Once you’ve done with the first step of placing your furniture in the right spaces, look around. Imagine the room filled with people, and look around. Where is everyone looking? At an empty coffee table? Or at a blank wall

Hang your favourite art on the wall, or look out for wall hangings that match the theme of your room. See how beautifully this room has used a wall hanging to pull together the space:

Moroccan Influence

Alternatively, you could always go with shelves and side-counter as well. Counters tend to get filled with clutter. Keys, mobiles, charges – all finds its way to the side counter. A handy tip to avoid this happening is to place a little tray or a bowl on the counter top, within which could go these clutter-causing essentials. Once that’s out of the way, use the rest of the shelf space to create a statement.

Coffee tables need not be for just coffee! See how this room has a couple of contrasting but eye-catching decor pieces bang in the center:

How to choose a decor piece:

This really is a personal preference. You can go nuts here. Picking the ones that speak to your heart. Or the ones that resemble your personality. Are you a booklover? Have a shelf filled with your favourite books right above your sofa:

Or, are you a fan of everything fresh and natural? A simple vase would do wonders here, filled with fresh flowers

So, that about summarizes my living room decor guide.

I love to share some of my ideas on decor and lighting tips – and I’d live to hear back from you on what you think. Do write to me, send me pictures of your home – or catch up with our stylist Shikha on chat. She could help you pick out the right decor piece for your room, or even the best lamp for the look you’re going for.

Stay Stylish!

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