Pendant lights are lovely substitutes for the giant chandeliers.
Have you ever wanted beautiful pendant lamps in your home but couldn’t find the right one?

Here are a few tips to find the right pendant lamps for your home

  1. Firmly decide upon the location and the purpose of buying a pendant light
  2. Decide upon the style of pendant lights befitting your home
Pendant Lights
Pendant Lights

Pendant lights can be of various kinds, but there are 3 major styles I’ve narrowed the search down to, choose the one which fits your style:

  1. Traditional
  2. Contemporary
  3. Transitional

Traditional Pendant Lights

Pendant Lights
Pendant Lights

Pendants, under this category, have a more ornate look.


Pendant Lights
Pendant Lights

These pendants have clean edges, sharp lines and a very contemporary look.


Pendant Lights
Pendant Lights

A transition between contemporary and transitional. We could say, it’s the best of both the worlds.

Finishing Used For The Pendant Light

It’s important to be certain regarding the kind of finish you want on your pendant. The finishing could be of various kinds:

1. Metal

2. Glass

3. Cement

4. Antique

5. Black Iron

6. Copper

7. Steel

8. Gold

9. Crystal

10. Rope

11.  3Dimensional

12. Water

13. White

14. Bronze

Kinds And Material Of The Shades

The material of the pendants need careful observation too, a few of the kinds of material are listed below:

1. Ceramics bring that lovely, handmade essence to your room – and a really imaginative way to use them is in a hanging ceiling lamp

2. When it comes to hanging pendant lights that really make a clear, bold, elegant statement, nothing beats the glass

3. Metal is best for spilling warm buttery light around the place in a lazy sort of way

4. A crystal style can be placed on a multitude of frames sizes and shapes in a variety of materials, but all share one common denominator – crystal pieces.

5. Fabric shades are very attractive and create a softer and homier look than metal or glass alternatives. Fabric can be ideal for a bedroom

or other lounge-style area that is low-key and calm.

6. Wood and bamboo pendant shades exist as well and can work to create a good look in a country or cottage style rural setting. These materials can also work well for a cabin.

7. Acrylic has been coming back in a big way recently, with designers embracing the versatility of the material.

8. As a material for lighting, resin too has some very special qualities that set it apart from more traditional ones like wood and brass. It’s malleable, so we can experiment with unusual, almost organic shapes.

9. Roped fixtures look great in most spaces and are naturally stylish. Many of these fixtures are weathered.

Types of Pendant Lights

1.Mini Pendant Lights

Pendant Lights

These are small hanging lamps which could be used as single hanging pendants or as clusters.

2.Island Pendant Lights

Pendant Lights
Pendant Lights

These are similar to mini pendants but have a different kind of fixture.

3. Pendant Light with Fabric Shade

Pendant Lights
Pendant Lights

Pendants with a fabric shade bring about a look of extravagance to the traditional pendant lamp.

4.Multi-light Pendant Lights

Pendant Lights

These lamps provide ambient lighting with 3 to 10 lamps together. They are attached to the ceiling by one long fixture.

5.Inverted Pendant Lights

Pendant Lights
Pendant Lights

These are inverted funnel-like lamps which give away ambient lighting.

Light Bulbs

Decide upon the bulb which best suits your home’s ambience for the pendant of your choice.

It is very important to select the correct pendant size and style considering the room in which it is to be placed. Thus, following the above tips should be useful.

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