Table Lamps add a definite charm and accessorise a space beautifully. And there are so many choices! Tall, short, metallic, ceramic, glassy. We sure know what its like to walk into a store and be spoiled for choice between the hundreds of options in front of us.

At White Teak, we understand how sizing can be important. Don’t worry, its not that difficult, after you’ve gone through our handy guide, you will have all the information you need to pick the perfect one for your living room and be sure it doesn’t mis-match or leave your guests getting a peek of the insides of your lamp.

Start with the placement – where in the living room do you want to place the Table Lamp?

Most common place is on the side table next to a sofa in the living room. If so, sit on the chair next to this table, and measure the distance from the table top to your eye level. You want the shade bottom to reach around here. So, anyone sitting on this chair never has to face the glare of a naked bulb.

Unless, of course if the bulb is meant to be visible, in which case we’d go with a classy Edison bulb – these are quiet popular today!

Lets start with the lamp height. Most lamps are approximate 30” tall, which is suitable for the living room. Standing by the side of a sofa, this lamp height should suitably illuminate the space and be enough for reading or having a snack.

If, however, you want to use it on a side counter, go back to the rule of the eye-level as stated above, and make sure the bulb isn’t visible from the nearest sitting points in the room.

Width-wise, we want the lamp to fit into the table its placed on. Generally, try and keep it at around half the width of the side table, to avoid the shade towering over from both sides. If you have a choice of shades, pick one who’s diameter is within 2 inches of the base’s length. Eg: If the base length is 14”, be sure the shade diameter is between 12” to 16”.

For all of our products website we have strived to put in as much height and sizing information as is possible. If you’d still like some kind of detailed information do reach out and let us know via the chat box, our assistants will be glad to help out.

These general guidelines should help you decide on a lamp to ensure you get the sizing right, no matter where you wish to place it.