Whatever the occasion, we’ve got you covered on the style front. Multiply your party style quotient with these party essentials by White Teak!

Party Decor:

1. Lanterns

Lanterns are fun. And playful! Have a special theme for your party? Stick in some themed trinkets! My favorite is the Birds of Peace Lantern. Sure, they’re a simple white color. Though that just means you can play around with the internals – using colored pillar lanterns like we have done or placing some flowers and pot pourri inside.

2. Conversation Starters: The Little Black Men Decor

Get the conversation flowing with our thinking men series. Fun fact: These have been a hit right from day 1! Everybody loves them. Pick your favorite one – is it a pensive man on a ladder who’s Lonely At the Top? Or a young girl swinging away her worries? Whichever you dig, these are sure to spark conversations around your party!

3. Jazz Nights & Musically Yours Candle Stands
Functional and decorative. Just my type. The Jazz Nights & Musically Yours candle stands are delicate little beauties, perfect for a musical themed evening. Throw on some scented candles, and place it around your house for a fresh aroma everywhere you go.


Serving Accessories:

1. Trays – Mirrored Gilt

Trays need not be boring and wooded. Glam it up with our Mirrored Gilt trays. They’re large. They’re glitzy. And they’re all you need to bling it up. Place them on a side counter with some interesting vases, or use them to welcome your guests as they walk in!

2. The Cheese Board

Perfect for a night of wine and dine, or a casual evening party, these cheese boards are quirky and snazzy. Serve your favorite types of cheese on your favorite platters. They come in 2 shapes – The Wine Glass Shape and the Artisanal Shape. And at almost a foot-long, they’re plenty for serving in style!

3. Glass Jars

Cookies, Fruits, Chocolates, Pot Pourri or even just decorative flowers. What will you put into these little beauties? Pick from our range of nautical themed jars, or stylish hemp rope jars for your serveware.

4. Bowls – Rooster Bowl, Elephant bowl

Part of our Serveware collection, and Rustic Accessories collection. Best used for light snacks, crisps or maybe some decorative flowers, these bowls sure pack a punch and style up any occasion.


1. Library Literature Rack

Conversation Starter, or Magazine Rack, you tell us! This leather piece perfectly fits in any corner and can hold your magazines and catalogs!

2. Tissue Paper Holder

A party basic, tissue papers, everybody needs them. Hide them away in this exquisite lil tissue paper holder, place it on a side counter and delight your guests!

Party Favors:

1. Crate Me Away

This one takes me back to our childhood days! Give them off as sets of 3, or pair them up, and impress your guests with these charming candle holders!

For those of you that love being the hostest with the mostest, we’ve got the best accessories & party requirements for you. Tag us on instagram with your party pics featuring our products, we’d love to know what your guests think!

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