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Our Founders

Started as an expression of their sensibilities, The White Teak Company is the brainchild of 2 sisters-in-law & friends, Anu & Mamta Mehta with an aim to bring specialized & luxury lighting to the Indian market and thus bridge the void in this large market of residential lighting!

Often complimented on their homes and personal sense of style, Anu and Mamta decided to bridge the gap between good taste and affordability with their own endeavors. They travelled, they saw, they explored, then they created and bought home treasures from all over to The White Teak company. The one place to look for anything beautiful for your home.

Anu has worked in interior design and fashion blogging. She runs her own shopping blog called Anu Recommends and her advice and opinions on design and fashion is being sought after by many.

Mamta is the spiritual side to the company with her strengths in finance, reason and practicality! They are, together, the perfect yin and yang combination that has driven them to assemble a beautiful space that is a treasure trove for any home lover.

The products have been manufactured in little specialized factories all over the world, the quality checked and the list of things is never ending… you’ll see. The choices are hard to make with so much in store and yet, the prices will make you shop for more. After all, according to Anu and Mamta… “what’s the point of all the beautiful things you see if you can’t ever afford to put them all in your home and make it the best in the world”

With the White Teak the aim is to bring the best of the world to India's doorstep & simplify the otherwise sometimes hard to navigate interior space!

So, ladies and gentlemen, we present to you, the best of the world. Right here!

At The White Teak Company